LENTIS Comfort intraocular lenses

LENTIS Comfort - The Comfort Solution for your Patients with Cataract

LENTIS Comfort: The Most Convenient Lens for Intermediate and Far VisionThe specific design of the LENTIS Comfort lens allows for an outcome of cataract surgery which goes far beyond the results achieved with the standard lens implant. Thanks to the well-proven patented design by Oculentis, the lens is perfectly tailored to provide quality ­vision in the intermediate-distance range and impresses by achieving excellent results. This is an important feature - in particular for demanding patients with cataract who wish to become more independent from spectacles in everyday situations, such as their daily work at the computer, while doing their shopping or driving a car.

Implantation of a standard IOL is the best possible cataract treatment for those who do not mind wearing glasses after their surgery; however, it is not the best possible solution for those who wish to become more independent from their glasses. „Conventional“ reading glasses are usually designed for a viewing distance of approximately 40 cm. Therefore, they are not perfect to focus on a computer screen 60-80 cm away. This means: Despite successful cataract surgery, the patient will still need to use very special and costly lenses. Varifocals do have an intermediate portion; however, it is often too small to work at the computer for a longer period, what may cause tired eyes or even a headache.

In such a case, the LENTIS Comfort IOL repre­sents a perfect solution for both, the ophthalmic surgeon and the patient: With­out having to pick an IOL from the premium segment and thus generating higher costs for the patient, the LENTIS Comfort lens offers the possibility that the patient will not only regain best possible far vision (as provided by standard cataract surgery) but will also achieve improved interme­diate vision and may become more independent from spectacles in the long run. Not only those patients working on the computer but also those carrying out craft activities performed beyond the reading distance will benefit thereof. 

In short: A comfort lens solution in everyday situations for the demanding cataract patient!

Clinical Results LENTIS Comfort

In a comparative clinical trial conducted by Josef Reiter, MD, (Augen-Medizinisches Versorgungszentrum, Landshut, Germany), 22 patients with cataract were treated contralaterally with two different IOL types. One eye received a LENTIS Comfort intraocular lens and the second eye a standard LENTIS IOL.

In the course of a 2-months follow-up, among other parameters the pre- and postoperative results obtained for visual acuity at near, intermediate and far distance were measured and analyzed. The LENTIS Comfort IOL impressed by excellent outcomes for intermediate and far vision acuity. Consequently, the LENTIS Comfort IOL has proven to be a perfect lens solution between the standard and the premium segment IOLs. The highest degree of spectacle independence, however, can still be achieved by selecting our premium IOL LENTIS Mplus.