Vistec AG Vision screening Optovist

Optovist Vision screening

Optovist– lightweight, electrically height adjustable mobile vision screener.If you are looking for the state of the art vision screener, modern and with unique features, Optovist is the right choice. The Optovist technology offers completely new possibilities for your daily vision screening.

Optovist highlights

  • Operated by software running on WIN 7, Vista or XP.
  • Simple and self-explaining operation. 
  • Small and lightweight mobile instrument for exams away from your practice.
  • Ideal ergonomics due to electrical height adjustment.
  • Modern optotype presentation on LCD screen.
  • Vast choice of optotypes: Landolt rings, letters and numbers.
  • Choice of pre-programmed or individual test batteries for every need.
  • Unique and easy system for examination of progressive lens wearers. 
  • Tests for far, near and intermediate vision with adjustable distances.
  • Test for contrast sensitivity.
  • Test for glare sensitivity.
  • Colour test, stereo test, hyperopia and astigmatism test.
  • Optional: Visual field test.Internal patient data base.
  • Comprehensive print out of test results.
  • Software in different languages: German, English, French, Italian, Slovenian & Czech.
  • Interface for data transfer of patients to your practice administration programme
  • Tailor-made trolley or shoulder bag for mobile use available

Your benefits 
You are into traffic medicine, occupational health, ophthalmology or optics. You need to do examinations for drivers’ licenses, vision testing for people working on screens, who are driving forklift trucks, who are crane operators or who fulfil any responsible position in their company where good view is a must– or you simply want to screen people that need new glasses as they have none yet or need to replace their old ones. Then Optovist is your means to fulfil the job in a quick, precise and innovative way.

Join the group of over 1000 satisfied Optovist users. We are glad to supply you with more informations on Optovist, where you get a demo and where you can purchase it. We look forward to your contacting.