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Reach Your Full Potential

Pave the Road to Your Dream Career

Build the career path that suits YOU. Many options are at your disposal, whether through recruitment, integration, training, functional or geographic mobility, work placements, or internships.

Our career management 

Kavita compensates its employees well above average market rates. But we know that work is more than just about financial gain. So we strive not only to attract new talent, but also to grow them within the company, and enrich them professionally and personally.

Internal mobility 

If you want to develop your skills through internal mobility, we’ll do our best to help you achieve your goals.

Our company culture 

Growing professionally and enjoying a successful career all require being a key part of the company.


Encompassing more than 450 employees worldwide, the diversity of talents and cultures is one of our greatest strengths. 

Working Together

With their outstanding work ethic, our employees thrive on effective collaboration and team spirit.

Want to join the Kavita Team? 


Kavita is always looking for top talent. You're welcome to apply even if you don't see any open positions.


You may be asked to participate in two interviews. After each one, we'll gather feedback from your interviewers to determine next steps.


Our leadership reviews every successful application before you get an offer. 

Our locations 

Kavita has a strong presence in multiple countries all over the world, so you have a chance to work internationally.