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Blood pressure unit/-monitor with cuffs of various sizes

Name: Blood pressure unit/ monitor with cuffs of various sizes
Model: Blood pressure monitor ROMA
Brand: GIMA, Italy
• Pressure gauge + pump (bulb ) complete with air release valve;
• Gauge diameter: Ø 60 mm;
• High-quality air release valve;
• Spoon-shaped handle (bulb);
• Measurement range: 0 to 300 mmHg, measurement interval: 2 mmHg;
• Latex-free, one-piece cuff with stickers, 1 hose or 2 hoses for the arm circumference 24-32 cm;
• Option of cuffs for a normal arm, thick arm, child arm.
• Spacious and convenient carrying bag with zipper;
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Name: Blood pressure
Model: Blood pressure monitor HEINE
Brand: Heine, Germany
• Premium-quality HEINE blood pressure monitor
• The gauge is built into the pneumatic pump (bulb) and valve housing;
• Gauge diameter: Ø 56 mm;
• Shockproof housing;
• Shockproof blood pressure monitor;
• The air is released by pressing the valve button;
• Measurement range: 0 to 300 mmHg;
• Measurement interval: 2 mmHg, precision ± 3 mmHg;
• Cuff with stickers for the arm circumference 24-32cm;
• Microfilter to protect the air-release valve and measuring system from dirt;
• Spacious and convenient vinyl carrying bag with zipper.
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