About us

LLC Kavita was established in 1994. Since then, company is successfully developing trade in the sphere of optics. Since 1997 the company started selling the ophtalmic and medical equipment and instruments, and other medical goods manufactured by the companies from Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Poland and other countries.

The many years of intensive and productive work helped company to start close communications with suppliers of medical equipment from all around the world. Also company expand assortment of medical goods. LLC Kavita focused all attention to the news and to the quality of medical and ophtalmic equipment. That`s way company can suggest well known, high quality optics and medical goods, equipment, qualified services, moreover, fast, pleasing and impeccable attention to customers.

Business activities

  • Wholesale trade in opthalmic and medical - purpose good.
  • Preventive diagnostics of medical equipment warranty and post - warranty services.
  • Installation of medical equipment and associated training.
  • Sales in medicine diagnostics and physiotherapy equipment, medical furniture as well as medical instruments and devices used by the common users.

LLC Kavita - the member of national opticians association

The company are the member of national opticians association.

Activities of association:

  • to unite companies and people, who are working with optical goods, devices or in a manufacturing sphere.
  • participate in development of cometitive environment, there comapnies could expand manufacturing of optics and accessories.
  • .execute a clarity of the distribution policy.

LLC Kavita - the member of businessman association of Mažeikiai

The company are the member of businessman association of Mažeikiai.

Activities of association:

  • unite all businessman 
  • seek to create favorable economic, legal, psychological and cultural conditions in order to develop the business.